[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Bolivia is No 1 !!!

Kim, Hyun released last month of the first solo album ‘ break-down ‘ has succeeded in coming into the Asian 200.’ Breakdown ‘ Japan oricon charts earnings last June 8, the album sales division as the No. 1 place to begin a weekly music such as five, and topped the music charts Taiwan music sites, music, Hong Kong’s largest, topped music charts singles ranking site, KKBOX. In particular, in addition to the title track, ‘ breakdown ‘ KKBOX Hong Kong album, ‘ please ‘ and subsequent song “attracted up till Verpakovskis ‘ is interpreted as a key.Thailand uses the ‘ breakdown ‘ channel V Asia music charts on July 2, ‘ best of the best chosen to described immaculate ‘ in Asia. Channel V side “of this album is itself attractive Kim Hyun,” also praised.

Germany beat Bolivia and engaging in here. Bolivia, the ‘ break-down ‘ first week of June 2nd week July K-POP topped music charts and was also featured on ‘ please ‘ The Ballad of K-POP Germany top 5 chart interested. Topping the music charts of Asia and South America-Kim hyun in Europe in a situation of propaganda have not started a formal overseas activities and achieved results, more meaningful deep.

Kim Hyun-public ‘ key starts with Verpakovskis ‘ subsequent activities. This was the month of August 1, beginning with Thailand Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Taiwan and Viet Nam people’s Republic of China, local promotions and press conference. As of November, followed by the 10 countries, spanning 4 months from 12 to 3 cities to plan and tour performances.
Cheung is a reporter silk781220@sportschosun.com

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