(Facts) Random Teen Top Facts

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1). L.Joe is the shortest member.

2). Ricky is the fake maknae and always claims to be the maknae even though Changjo is the real one.

3). C.A.P chose “C.A.P” as his name because he loves to wear them.

4). The most talkative member is Niel and the quietest member is Changjo.

5). L.Joe loves to annoy people, especially Niel and Ricky when they are playing games.

6). L.Joe went to America when he was 12 and came back to South Korea when he was 17.

7). C.A.P’s ideal girl is Jihyun from 4minute, while Ricky’s is Hyomin from T-ara. Chunji and Niel both like Song Yuri.

8). Teen Top’s average age is 16.3 years old.

9). Chunji has a pink phone with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.

10). C.A.P told Chunji that he has a small face.

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5 Responses to (Facts) Random Teen Top Facts

  1. kyuhaelfishy says:

    do you know their religion? ^_^ hahaha

  2. allaboutelly says:

    chunji’s ideal girl is snsd’s yuri and l.joe’s hyuna

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