[VIDEO/TRANSLATION] Seungri gets a call in “Quiz to change the world!”

The first 2 minutes Seungri basically has to guess a word from the clues Hyun chul is giving him. I roughly translated the rest~ ^^

Translations under the cut.

Miseon: Seungri-ssi hello~!
Seungri: Hello, nice to meet you~

Miseon: Yes, this is “Quiz to change the world”
Seungri: Ah it’s quiz to change the world!
Seungri: Miseon noona have you been doing well?

Miseon: I have been well!
Seungri: Hwi Jae hyung!…..that next MC [is]..?

Gura: Ah Seungri you already know..ehh
Miseon: Seungri-ssi is funny!
Hwi Jae+Gura: What are you doing?
Seungri: Oh I just got out of the shower.

Hwi Jae: Oh really?
Miseon: You put on clothes right?
Seungri: Right now..panties..I was gonna change into my underwear.

Miseon: An idol, an idol is talking like this/saying these things?
Seungri; Hmm..because I’m a human being too.

Miseon: ah..that’s right, because idols should also be washed.
Hwi Jae: But Kim hyun chul who called you you haven’t said have anything to Kim hyun chul-ssi. He has been alienated~
Seungri: Hyun chul-hyung!
Hyun chul: Yes?
Seungri: Hyun chul-hyung in “Enjoy Today” I haven’t seen him shine yet.

Hwi Jae: Here too he doesn’t shine.
Seungri: Yes, our Hyun chul-hyung since I’m still in Japan right now I will let him become the superstar for once!
Miseon: Ah good! Hwaiting!
Seungri: Yes thank you ‘Quiz to change the world’!

Translated: alee @ ibigbang

Credits: miseremeiYT07


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